Types of Glue: Adhesives Galore

Types of Glue: Adhesives Galore

The world of adhesives is as diverse as it is fascinating. Considering the fact that different types of glue, adhesives, are used in industries that encompass engineering, oil, footwear, packaging, food processing, automobiles, construction, stationery and so many others, it is not surprising that there is a bewilderingly large number of adhesives. This makes their classification a little difficult, but one can possibly slot them in accordance with their composition, shape, type and capacity to bear a load.

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The first category comprises of epoxies, polyimides and polyurethane, the second of pellets, film, paste and liquid, the third of hot melt, reactive hot melt, thermosetting, and so on and the last of structural, semi structural or non structural type.  All of these find extensive uses in a whole host of industries that form the back-bone of any nation’s economy.

We at Gluefarm are a globally acknowledged quality manufacturer, supplier and exporter of adhesives. Our clients vouch for not just the quality of our products, but our stellar levels of service as well. It is not surprising therefore that we are inundated with both client testimonials as well business enquiries.

Going forward the adhesive industry is all geared up to manufacture a new generation of products specially designed to meet the new age industrial process norms that ensure that there is minimal impact on the ecology and the environment. The fact of the matter is that adhesives have been an integral part of the material progress of mankind from the very beginning and whatever may be the new direction human endeavors may take, the chances are that adhesives will form an integral part of it.

For all the incredibly large number of applications that adhesives find in our day to day living there is surprisingly little awareness of the fact. Be that as it may adhesives, as we know them are bound to continue to play the highly significant part they play in our lives for the foreseeable future.