Trubond Piping Thread Sealants 9500

Product Information

Trubond Piping Thread Sealants are used for sealing metal pipes and fittings, prevent leakage and rust. seat instantly, for on-line low pressure testing. Cured adhesive can seal to the brunt strength of most piping system. Can replace traditional PTFE tape and others sealing methods.

Industrial projects extensively use Glue Farm Trubond piping thread sealants 9500.

Product Container Color Viscosity (mPa.s) Screw! (mm) Sealing pressure (10 pa) Temp. ranger() Fixture time / full cure time
GF 9542 50ml/ 250ml Brown 600 – 1000 M36 69 -50-15o 10min/ 24hrs
GF 9545 50ml/ 250ml Purple 9000 – 20000 M36 69 -50-15o 40min/ 24hrs
GF 9554 50ml/ 250ml Red 1500 – 3000 M80 69 -50-15o 40min/ 24hrs
GF 9567 50ml White 300000 – 700000 M80 69 -50-15o 30min/ 12hrs
GF 9568 50ml/ 250ml Yellowish 1600 – 3200 M36 69 -50-15o 20min/ 24hrs
GF 9569 50ml/ 250ml Brown 200 – 500 M36 69 -50-15o 20min/ 12hrs
GF 9577 50ml Yellowish 17000 – 31000 M80 69 -50-15o 10min/ 12hrs
GF 9542 Piping thread sealant

Fine threads

Liquid sealant. For sealing the fine threads of hydraulic and pneumatic Econ nectars.

GF 9545 Piping thread sealant

Hydraulic & Pneumatic sealant

Fast curing, low strength. No pollution to hydraulic pipe system, For high pressure hydraulic system and tapered pipe up to M36 sealing. Without fillers or particles, could
not foul valves or filters systems.

GF 9554 Piping thread sealant

Refrigerant sealant

Excellent chemicals resistance, especially for refrigeration system. For sealing up to M80 of piping threads. Can used on aggressive chemical system.

GF 9567 Piping thread sealant

High temperature resistance

High viscosity, instant seaIing. For sealing M80 or smaller. With stands temperatures up to 2000C and excellent solvent resistance, can seal high pressure tapered pipe threads and fittings, can used on stainless steel surfaces. Disassembled with hand tools.

GF 9569 Piping thread sealant

Hydraulic & Pneumatic pipe

System sealant Medium viscosity, medium strength, Can seal pneumatic & hydraulic

GF 9577 Piping thread sealant

Coarse threads

Thixotropic, high viscosity, fast curing, medium strength. Far sealing high-pressure stainless steel tapered & cylindrical thread up to M80 Can used on drinking water system.

GF 9568 Piping thread sealant

Steel liquefier adhesive

Medium strength ,Can instant seal tapered pipe threads with high temperature and high pressure