Trubond Accelerator & Cleaner 9700

Product Information

GlueFarm surface preparation Trubond Accelerator & Cleaner products are used to ensure the performance of Clue Farm adhesives and sealants. Meet the ideal requirements on bonding, repairing, sealing, locking, rust removing and dernoulding.

Product Container Color Viscosity (mPa.s) Life on spare parts Dry time Temp. range (°C)
GF 9755 340g Clear 3~4 / 30s /
GF 97649 170ml / 1L Green / 30days 30s /
GF 9790 510g White 1~3 / 30s /
GF 9770 52ml / 1L Clear 1~3 8 hrs 30s /
GF 968DA 340g Clear 1~3 / 20min /
GF 9767 227g/500g/18.9L Grey Paste / / -50~85o
GF 97070 Surface Cleaner

Low toxicity

Used for removing most greases, oils, metal cuttings and fines from metal surfaces to be bonded.

GF 9755 Safety Cleaner

Low toxicity, non-flammable

Super-safe. Suitable for manual operating. As pre-deal cleaner of all the Glue Farm adhesives surface, can clean all greasy surface without track.

GF 9790 Gasket remover

Can effectively remove the surface residues of adhesive, oil and paint etc… Without corrosive to aluminum parts. Not suitable for plastic oil-felt and synthesized fibers.

GF 9767 High temperature anti-seize

Prevent the machinery parts(thread, chain etc.)from lubricant seizing, galling and
corroding under high temperature, high duty conditions..Extensively applied for energy, metallurgy, chemical, watercraft, vehicle manufacture, military industries.

GF 97649 Anaerobic activator

General purpose activator

Can be used on ynertra surface to increase curing speed of anaerobic adhesives in large gap or low temperature. Suitable for GF 9200, GF 9300, GF 9500 and GF 9600.

GF 968DA Bolt loosener

Super permeable

For loosen rusty and blocked bolts, nuts, piping fits and so on. Remove rust, water-dirt and carbons deposit. Lubricate and permeate rust or locked parts efficiently

GF 9770 Instant adhesive pirner

Can improve the surface cured penforrnance on low energy surface which is difficult to bond, (e.g.:. polyolefin’s), and promote the curing speed.