Trubond Hot Melt Adhesives

Product Information

GlueFarm Hot Melt Adhesives offer a variety of benefits compared to other adhesives technologies. Excellent adhesion, quick set and ease of use are just a few. Our hot melt adhesivess are critical enablers to a broad range of manufacturing and end-use product applications.

Glue Farm offers a wide range of EVA hotel melt Glue Sticks and Glue Guns for use in various industries , including manual and automatic carton closing, automotive parts assembly filter production, electronics, handicrafts, furniture and foot wear industries

Glue Guns

GF 04 40 watts 100 V ~ 240 V Low Duty
GF 06 60 watts 100 V ~ 240 V Low to Medium Duty
GF 08 80 watts 100 V ~ 240 V Medium duty
GF 10 100 watts 100 V ~ 240 V Heavy Duty Industrial