Bonding with bands – Adhesive for packaging

Bonding with bands – Adhesive for packaging

When we talk about brand building we usually focus on things like advertising, PR and media outreach. What is overlooked is the most obvious and significant aspect of a brand-its packaging. Adhesive for packaging can be likened to the very soul of brand. It both contains and defines it.

 Glue Farm adhesives for brand enhancing packing.

Glue Farm adhesives enhance branding by enabling world class packaging

When a customer takes possession of a brand for the first time, the packaging is the very first aspect of the brand that makes an impression. A Domino’s Pizza delivery most likely makes the day for a hungry teenager and the very sight of the distinctive Domino’s pizza box would make them salivate. Likewise a book lover would feel a ting of excitement on receiving a Flipkart or Amazon delivery box containing their favorite author’s latest offering.

The sheer importance of packaging can be understood from the fact that most consumers are not in a position to weigh the pros and cons of each of the slew of similar products available out there. Packaging is often the instant clue they have about the attributes of the product they are buying, so it is critical that manufacturers and marketers get it right.

Important as packaging is to industry it is the adhesives or glues that make it possible to present brands in the most interesting and innovative packaging that grabs the customer or client’s attention. It requires special kinds of glues to hold the myriad kinds of packaging that is used across industries these days. Among the best known glues is the Dbond range of superglue from the country’s premier industrial glue manufacturers, exporters and suppliers, Glue Farm

Packaging these days is no longer a simple and straightforward affair like in the past, on account of a large variety of materials used- cardboard, plastic, rubber, glass, leather, wood, ceramic and many many more. The Dbond range of superglue can be used for the entire range of packaging materials in vogue these days, and this makes it a big hit with major packing and packaging companies. Each of the products in this range corresponds to different specifications of the packaging in question.

For instance glue used in plastic packaging has to have superlative humidity and climate resistance ability and in packaging that uses metal there has to be higher viscosity and very good impact resistance. For someone who might want to use their glue at home for domestic application one could use the low odor and low viscosity variety.
As consumerism continues to grow in an emerging market like India, not only is there going to be more and more use of packaging by industry; a slew of challenges is likely to accompany the growth . The packaging industry too will have to adapt and factor in the concerns pertaining to cost effectiveness and environment friendliness.

That being said, packaging has the unique ability of moving products up the value chain, and in a country like India, there is a long way to go before it is leveraged effectively in the way that it should be. Take even industries such as food processing which have seen some progress in recent years, but still have a long way to go. Packaging extends the shelf life of farm produce, thereby enabling producers to send across their products across long distances. Moreover they will more likely be able to access food processing units.

With a young population of working age, there is no dearth of new and innovative products that can be marketed with the help of new age packaging. For instance ready to eat food, diced vegetables, diet preparation, vegan produce and a host of other value added products can be reached to the masses with effective packaging. We are surely in for some interesting times here.